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Remind Codes

Remind is a school communication app available for free download in your app store.  

Teachers are not required to utilize the Remind app, but many do to provide parental/student information directly to your personal phone.

Below is a list of codes by class or group:
AICE Cambridge Program 
              Class of 2023   @lhsaice2
              Class of 2024   @lhsaice3
              Class of 2024   @lhsaice4
              Class of 2025   @lhsaice5
Bass Fishing Team     @lhs10
Beta Club  @hahb73
Drama/Theater Club      @actatLHS
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)   @fcalees
FFA Classes  @leesburgf
National Art Honor Society         @8c62h6h
Padilla's Classes
              3D Art 1                        @padart
              3D Art 2 and AICE         @aiceba
Pressey's Classes
               1st Period Chemistry    @nx7qlsc
               2nd Period Chemistry   @iwb3xx4
               3rd Period Forensics    @a45bvgj
               4th Period Critical Thinking   @drxcmih
               5th Period Chemistry    @5hmnn6x
               6th Period Chemistry    @jpcdrco
Senior Class
               Students  @Leesburg23
               Parents    @Jacket23
Softball  @6gdae2
Student Government (SGA)   @sgalhsg